Trust Service

Trust Service

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Providing for the future is important. Now more than ever, careful estate planning is a must.

Proper estate planning can mean the difference between a college education for your children or no higher education due to lack of financial assistance. It can mean the difference between your surviving spouse continuing at the present standard of living or selling the home to pay estate taxes.

Whether the bulk of your estate is in the form of cash, property, or life insurance, we offer complete trust services to assist you in estate planning to meet your individual needs.

Living Trusts

Operating during the lifetime of the person establishing the trust, a living trust provides you with professional supervision of your assets and relieves you of the burden of management details. It can also avoid probate at death.

Executor or Administrator

The task of settling even the simplest of estates requires competency, expertise, a substantial amount of time and financial responsibility. It requires investment expertise, business and accounting knowledge and more. We have the experience and knowledge to handle this for you in a fair and impartial manner.


Property owned by a minor or by a mentally incompetent or physically disabled individual is administered for the person by an appointed guardian. Our trust department can capably manage the assets on behalf of the individual.

Trust Agency Accounts

We offer various types of investments to meet your needs including government bonds, tax-free bonds, mutual funds, stocks, and other investments.

Insurance Trusts

If properly established, a life insurance trust can save thousands of dollars in estate taxes. In addition, an insurance trust provides professional management to assist your survivors in the careful budgeting and investing large sums of money.

Testamentary Trusts

This type of trust can provide tax savings and professional management of assets after death per your instructions.